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Request for Test and QA Opportunities

Request for QA Opportunities in Open Source Projects, Employment, Full-Time, Contract, Consulting

I'm seeking interesting Full Time, Contract, Consulting/Freelance Opportunities *and* Open Source Projects that are looking for a QA engineer with a solid background and diverse technical skillset. I've been in Software / Hardware Quality Assurance for 12+ years and am seeking projects to contribute towards the quality of the Gnu Public license and/or any Open Source model. I also am interested in Full-time employment, contract/consulting roles, as well as part-time/freelance work on any projects that seek a stellar QA engineer. If you know of someone who needs help or is looking for a tester with a technical edge, please feel free to refer them to me.

Roles: Full-time employment, contract, freelance, W2 opportunities in the QA field.

Objective: Senior QA Engineer, Lead Quality Assurance Engineer or QA Manager role
Summary & Qualifications: 12 years experience in Hardware/Software QA Engineering
- 6 years experience managing Quality Assurance organizations, leading multiple QA engineers and projects.
- 8 years experience in a Product Support and Technical Support Engineering role.
- 12 years experience in a Senior QA Engineer and Lead QA Engineer role.
- 12 years experience establishing various QA processes and procedures including: Product Development and Software LifeCycle, the QA Lifecycle process, Defect Submittal, Reporting, Tracking and Escalation Lifecycle, Product Validation, Certification and Release Lifecycle, QA Project Planning and QA Test Methodologies and Processes.
- 12 Years planning and executing Test Plans as part of the design, development and QA cycle of various projects.
- 12 years experience authoring and conducting Acceptance, Ad-Hoc, Black Box (Behavioral, Functional, Closed Box, Opaque box), GUI, Functional, Integration, Installation, Manual, Navigation, Module and Regression Tests.
- 11 Years performing release certification and validation, Unit and Integration Checks, Source Code Management.
- 10 years conducting White Box tests (Structural, Glassbox, Clearbox, System Internals, Branch/Path Coverage Tests).
- 12 years authoring and executing Performance, Database, Security, Smokescreen, Stress, Boundary, Load, Validation, SW & HW Compatibility Tests using advanced and innovative Test Methodologies in Macintosh, Windows, Unix, WAP, WML, Console game systems and Palm OS environments.
- 12 years authoring, documenting and defining standards for QA (Test Plans, Test Cases, Test Scripts and Test Procedures).
- 7 years experience administrating QA Lab Operations (Network/Test/Lab Environment), QA Release Cycle and QA Intranet website. Functions of this capacity included: QA Website Webmaster, QA Lab Administrator, QA Production Lab Administrator, QA Release certification and Defect Tracking Systems Administrator.

Resume and extensive references furnished upon request

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